Following are some ballpark figures on my jobbing. Should you wish to proceed, please contact me to discuss feasibility, as every job is different.

Prices below are purely estimates.

Standard Job Prices:

Bedding (with/without pillars) $165/250
Re-Barrel (metal work) $380
Complete Stock $2000

Complete Custom Builds:

Action, Stock, Barrel, Trigger, Mounts, Scope, Precision workmanship $5000 – 10,000

I source only quality components to ensure the final product is high standard.
Many variables come into play including availability of components, your project budget and custom preferences for style.

Time Estimates:

Custom Builds are unfortunately, but realistically, often 1 year to 18 months from start to finish. Please be prepared to embrace patience. I try to keep time to a minimum where possible. A custom built rifle is heavily dependent on availability of components in Australia.